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L1 ECU with 20×20 Display (Best)


This product contains:
1 EFI-T1 Programmable ECU.
1 Whip 3m / 6m
1 Fixing Support.
1 USB cable

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The OCTTANE EFI-T1 Programmable ECU is equipped with a color touchscreen display and has essential functions to extract the maximum performance from your project with an excellent cost x benefit.

OCTTANE is one of the newest performance brands in the automotive market. We are a Brazilian industry and we develop products thinking about you our customer, this allows us to offer you a much closer and more collaborative support…

The OCTTANE EFI-T1 is a programmable electronic injection designed for the street car, for those who want a reliable and differentiated product…
It has a super color anti-reflection touch screen display and has essential functions to extract the maximum performance from your project, such as semi-sequential injection, closed loop probe correction, dwell x voltage, injection time resolution in 0.001ms , Complementary 3D map, nitro control, shift gear …
whether your project is a street car, drag, cage, turbo, aspirated or any engine that needs efficient management.

Fine AdjustmentComplementary 3D MapSlow runningscreen matchdwell x voltageConfigurable ScaleClosed Meshsemi-sequentialShift Gear5 years Warranty

Main features:
1- Operation with Distributor and Ponic Wheel (60-2, 36-1, etc);
2- Inductive rotation input or hall for phonic wheel and hall for distributor;
3- Four ignition outputs which allows the control of up to 8 cylinders with phonic wheel;
4- Two injection benches, allows up to 8 injectors per bench;
5- Semi-sequential injection for 4-cylinder engines (only with phonic wheel);
6- Idle speed control by ignition point;
7- Functions for sprints: Burnout, traction control by time, 2 step, etc;
8- Integrated 16-channel datalogger;
9- Free firmware update via USB;
10- Maximum rotation of 16000rpm;
11- Integrated MAP sensor from -1.0bar to +6.0bar;
12- Simplified injection maps and complementary 3D map;
13- Closed loop by wideband or narrowband probe;
14- Injection main map resolution of 0.001 ms;
15- Start of the engine by button on the screen;
16- Point delay during the rotation or pressure limiter;
17- Rotation control with point delay;
18- Configurable liquid pressure sensors;
19- Activates and deactivates the variable command by rotation;
20- Dwell x Voltage
21- Backfire
22- Shift Gear
23- Boost x Time
24- Progressive Nitro
25- Configurable inputs and outputs
26- Multilingual (Portuguese / English / French / Spanish)
27- Fully configurable without the use of a computer
28- 5 year warranty on the ECU and 1 year on the display and keys


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