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AlphaECU PNP Chuma/Maxuma 200EFI


Unleash the full potential of your 200CC Chuma scooter with the AlphaECU PNP – a plug-and-play aftermarket ECU offering complete user tuneability, fire-spitting launch control, and additional inputs/outputs for unlimited customization. Experience enhanced performance right out of the box, with no complex installations required.

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Introducing the AlphaECU PNP for Chuma – the ultimate performance upgrade for your 200CC Chuma-branded scooter! Unleash the full potential of your ride with the power of complete user tuneability, providing you with unprecedented control over your scooter’s engine dynamics.

Key Features:

  1. Full User Tuneability: Take command of your scooter’s performance like never before. With our Plug and Play ECU, the AlphaECU PNP for Chuma, you have the ability to fine-tune parameters such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and more. Tailor your ride to suit your preferences and unlock optimal power and efficiency.
  2. Complete Engine Control: Enjoy the flexibility of having complete control over your scooter’s engine. Whether you’re seeking increased horsepower, improved throttle response, or enhanced fuel efficiency, the AlphaECU PNP ensures you can customize settings to meet your unique riding needs.
  3. Fire-Spitting Launch Control: Experience the thrill of fire-spitting launch control, giving you the edge during acceleration. The AlphaECU PNP ensures a powerful and controlled launch every time, making your rides even more exhilarating.
  4. Additional Inputs and Outputs: Elevate your scooter’s capabilities with unlimited features. The ECU comes equipped with extra inputs and outputs, opening the door to a world of possibilities. From integrating advanced sensors to controlling auxiliary devices, you have the freedom to customize your scooter to suit your individual style.
  5. Ready to Use Out of the Box: No need for complex installations or lengthy setup processes. The AlphaECU PNP for Chuma is designed for a seamless Plug and Play experience. Simply connect the ECU to your scooter, and you’re ready to hit the road with enhanced performance.

Upgrade your riding experience with the AlphaECU PNP for Chuma – where power, control, and excitement converge in a single, user-friendly aftermarket ECU. Unleash the true potential of your 200CC Chuma scooter today!

AlphaECU PNP Chuma/Maxuma 200EFI – Alpha X