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AlphaECU Relay Panel


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Enhance your automotive electrical system with our high-quality Automotive Relay Box! This relay box is designed to provide reliable performance and additional protection to your electrical circuits. With a capacity for six relays, this box is perfect for those seeking a complete and secure solution for their electrical needs.

The relay box includes two relays rated at 70 amps and four relays rated at 30 amps, all of which are fused. This ensures safe operation and prevents damage to your electrical components in case of overload or short circuit.

A standout feature of this relay box is that all relays are activated through a ground signal sent from an aftermarket Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This allows for easy integration with your existing ECU and provides precise control over your electrical circuits.

Furthermore, the relay box includes a main relay that can be activated either through 12 volts or a ground signal using a physical switch. This provides you with flexibility in controlling your electrical devices and allows you to customize the system to your specific needs.

Our automotive relay box is built with durable and high-quality materials to ensure reliable performance in all conditions. Its compact and sturdy design allows for easy installation in different locations of your vehicle.

Do not compromise on the safety and performance of your electrical system! Get our Automotive Relay Box with six relays today and enjoy increased protection and control over your electrical circuits. Simplify your electrical system with guaranteed quality and reliability.


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